Consultation will be ongoing during this Preliminary Design and Class EA Study, and will include:

PICs provide an opportunity for the public to discuss issues or concerns directly with members of the study team. The purpose of the first PIC will be to introduce the study to the public, provide background information, discuss safety and traffic challenges/opportunities, present the preliminary improvement alternatives and evaluation criteria.  The purpose of the second PIC  will be to display and seek input on the results of the evaluation of alternatives, present the Recommended Plan, proposed construction staging and traffic management strategy. Information presented at each PIC will be available for you to review on this site.

All notices will be published in the following local newspapers:

The notices will also be posted on this website and sent directly to all contacts on the study mailing list. 

All input will be incorporated into the study findings and recommendations as appropriate.

If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please “Contact the Study Team”.